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Matt Szczur - San Diego PadresAs a professional athlete, it is my job to train at the most elite level. Dedicating myself to my workout both mentally and physically requires knowledge and motivation. Mike Wilson has knowledge in mobility, speed and agility and weight training to not only help youth athletes, but professional athletes as well. He motivates me on and off the field to be the best person and player that I can be. He is a great leader in the weight room and a great dad and husband outside the weight room.
Matt Szczur of the San Diego Padres - Visit Matt Szczur Foundation Web Site

Jordan Dangerfield - Pittsburgh SteelersAs a professional athlete, “No days off” is a phrase that I truly live by. So for the past 2 years, while on vacation with my family, I’ve made sure to train with Coach Wilson. It’s the exact type of training I need before entering camp. Coach Wilson’s knowledge and passion for training is essential to taking your physical training to the next level.

Jordan Dangerfield, Pittsburgh Steelers S

Ed Shockley - Villanova Football“Training with Coach Wilson has helped me tremendously. His training helped me achieve my goals as 2 way athlete in both football and wrestling. He focused on my form at an early age and instilled the importance of training and being goal oriented. I encourage all athletes to train with Coach Wilson if they are serious about their athletics and want to have an edge at the next level!”
Ed Shockley, Villanova LB

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