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What is BH4GH?

Throughout my life I encountered many issues and problems that I thought were the outcomes of other outside forces affecting me personally. Little did I know, my mindset was fixed and my habits were direct results of my attitude. More on this later... I once heard a pastor say you can not change if you are looking back or in other words not jumping in with both feet! You only have so much time in a day and you can not add good habits if your practicing bad habits.  You see, everyone has a set of principles or personal philosophy. A philosophy that guides them. BH4GH is a simple philosophy that anyone can adopt as their own and use in any part of their life.

Why do I call it BH4GH?

If distractions constantly pull on you its because your looking back or not jumping into your goals with both feet. You don't have a system of processes. Your just going with the flow. Your holding onto something because its a "Bad Habit." "Bad Habits" are easy to establish but hard to live with and "Good Habits" are hard to establish but easy to live with. Ask yourself, "is my daily routine working out for me the way I would like?"

Pre-Marriage Workshop


The process?

Simple, easy, works for everything in your life worth changing:

1. Smoking

2. Nutrition

3. Relationships/Marriage

4. Job Productivity 

5. Teaching 

6 Coaching-Sports

7. Much, much more! You name it...?



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