April 19, 2024

Questions commonly asked by a set number of depressed persons are:

  • When did I get here?
  • Is there a way out?
  • Am I really depressed? Etc

About two third of the world’s population is characterized by people who have consciously or unconsciously found themselves in a dire situation that led to a state of intense depression. There are many factors that lead to having depression which may include:

  • Sickness
  • Emotional breakdown
  • Unprepared disappointment
  • Confusion
  • Fear of the future
  • Fear of failure etc

Depression is never a planned rest home for the mind. It has contributed greatly to the high rate of mortality across the globe and the question remains ‘what can be done to curb this dreary emotion?’

Results from the survey conducted in one of the largest cities in the country states that 75% of the participants have experienced depression due to uncontrolled emotional heartbreak while 19% confirmed that their depression arose from harboring fear of failure. Now to further address the issue , one can affirm that to solve a problem is first knowing what triggered it before further ado, thus to fight depression, one needs to understand what gave rise to it and then step forward to take measures in stopping it.

“I have experienced depression for three years when I was out of job and ultimately out of cash. I had no one to turn to and all attempt to get a job proved abortive. I never thought of suicide or any ugly action but I found out I was never happy with others, constantly getting worked up, the same way I was so unhappy with myself and trust me, there is no suicide as worse than that” -STEPHANIE 38

How Can I Survive Depreession?

There is no special trick in escaping from this lethal emotion other than the fact that it takes one’s personal conviction/resolution to desist from things that causes depression and it will always help to engage in the following mantras:

  • Positive Thinking: There is a saying that goes, ‘if you know how powerful your thought is, you will never think negatively.’ We know that positive thinking exhales positive energy, therefore strive to always have a positive approach in all your dealings and thereof have depression be on the run for good.
  • Engage in Social Activities: When things don’t work out well the way you envisioned, don’t go hiding under your shell rather let it be a driving force that pushes you out to the world, where you will see both the broken and the healers and there you will not only learn but heal as well. Depression is solitude in disguise, so resist being alone.
  • Believe in Nature Timing: You always feel bad when things are working for A and B and not you but when you have the understanding that everyone has his or her timing, you will never feel bad or intimidated, rather you will anticipate your own timing. When that project didn’t go successful as planned, don’t quit! When that business fails, don’t quit! Many renowned world changers tried several times and never gave up, so let the power of perseverance rule over you.
  • Work Hard, Be Busy: Loneliness/idleness kills! Always be consistent in what you do. Do not have that mindset of ‘it will happen when it happens’, just make it happen.

The incessant rise of depression can be curbed; it takes your strong will, your resistance and resolutions to make it happen. Before it destroys you, take the first bold step!

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