Warm Water and Lemon: My Trick!

At 27, I started getting pissed at the way my body is becoming; nothing fits, nothing goes, protruding belly, big thighs, fat arms, puffy cheeks, too many misfits that made me lose all confidence about my body till I discovered this trick!

When I started, I did it for one consecutive month and was pleased with the result. I got my confidence back and started recommending it to others for a trial and it’s quite simple – Just drinking warm water with lemon last thing in the night and to achieve an effective result I stopped:

  • Eating Junk Foods.
  • Eating Once It’s 7pm.

And I started:

  • Being Addicted to Fruits.
  • Having a Light Breakfast.

Don’t have this ‘trick’ first thing in the morning, why? Lemon is believed to contain a high amount of citric acid and this might trigger peptic/gastric ulcer if taken in the morning on an empty stomach, that’s why I opted for the last thing in the night and it really worked. Alternatively, you can add honey if you want to try it first thing in the morning but because I am allergic to honey, I never went for it but hey! What’s not good for a goose might be good for the gander.

So if you’re out to keep trim, look healthy and revitalising, try my trick!