We are Chicagoland’s first Health Studio with a name that reminds people to take a break for their health, and when they do, they can come to us knowing that we provide services that will affect their health in a positive way.

Our services:

The services provided at Break4Health are centered on those technologies and products that provide clients access to the science that can affect their health at substantially high levels. Our services fall into two categories: structural and cellular.

Our structural program includes osteogenic loading and acceleration training. These two modalities represent multiple levels of gravity and muscle stimulation that cannot be duplicated with traditional training methods. It is at these levels that the body is ‘challenged’ and triggered to adapt and respond. This adaptation and response demands the body to regenerate cells at a faster rate. The regeneration of cells equate to  denser muscles, denser bones, and greater nerve conduction.

Our cellular program includes oxygenation and the use of quanticeuticals. These two programs represent multiple levels of cellular nutrition that cannot be duplicated with normal amounts of oxygen or food. When the body is in greater demand for cellular nutrition via an external stimulation like osteogenic loading or acceleration training or has a greater demand because of disease, ‘normal’ amounts of oxygen and food will not be sufficient to regenerate or repair cells.  In these states the body demands more than ‘breathing fresh air’ or ‘eating better’.

The services represented by these four programs is what gives all of our clients the edge in athletic performance, health maintenance, disease prevention, disease management and disease recovery.