Is it safe?

Yes, there have been hundreds of thousands of sessions with no reported injuries because each session is individualized and designed with you in mind. Our sessions are created to be safe, effective, and an efficient way to increase bone and muscle density and improve nerve conductivity. During each session, there will also be a trained technician with you every step of the way.

How often are the sessions?

You just need to come in once a week.

What should I wear?

The session can be completed in street clothes, however flat soled shoes are recommended.

What will I feel like after a session?

After a session you will feel like you’ve completed physical work. You will feel warm (from increased blood circulation and work completed by the muscles) and you will notice an improvement in your posture (from the decompression of the spine and joints from the impact loading). Within 24 hours you will feel muscular fatigue but not soreness.

What kind of results can I expect?

Typically individuals experience improvement in bone health from the use of Break4Health technology. Our technology allows for the body to produce compressing forces contributing to a tremendous amount of motor-neuron recruitment resulting in increased balance, posture, and energy. .

What does the performance report tell me?

The report is a visual representation of your overall progress. It will document your overall increase from your first session to the last and provides feedback and tips on your improvement after each session.

Why does it work?

The human body has natural responses to environmental changes. Just like when muscles get larger with strain, bones adapt under compressing forces that are different for each individual. The Break4Health program is designed to enable this natural response to improve bone density and general health. The science and understanding of the Break4Health technology has existed for many years in academic research, but has only now become available to the world.

Do doctors endorse Break4Health?

Yes. A growing number of doctors are understanding the science and endorse the technology used at Break4Health. At the forefront of understanding this technology is: John Jaquish, Ph. D.
Raj Singh, MD
Eleanor Hynote, MD
Jason Convisor, Ph.D.